a new approach to obesity


Obesity is a big problem.


Diabetes is the 7th leading cause of death in the US.


We want to change that.

Gelesis100 is a smart pill that is designed to treat the physiological symptoms of hunger without surgery, other invasive procedures or systemically absorbed drugs. It is designed to safely cause significant weight loss.

1. Twenty minutes before a meal, a patient swallows capsules containing Gelesis100 particles approximately the size of grains of salt.

2. Once in the stomach, these particles are released from the capsules and rapidly absorb water, hydrating to approximately one hundred times their dry weight.


3. After several hours (depending on meal size & content), the Gelesis100 particles will shrink, releasing part of the absorbed water.

4. The Gelesis100 particles then pass into the small intestine where they rehydrate and increase the elasticity and viscosity of the contents of the small intestine.

5. The Gelesis100 particles then pass into the large intestine where enzymes cleave the cross-linker of the Gelesis100 hydrogel causing most of the absorbed water to be released and absorbed by the body.

6. The cleaved hydrogel, which becomes much smaller in size, is then excreted from the body.


People are talking about us.

The Gelesis technology represents an important advance in material science. It is the first and only superabsorbent hydrogel that I know of which is constructed from food ingredients and doesn’t use potentially toxic organic solvents. By cross-linking two components together using a proprietary synthesis, Gelesis scientists created a three dimensional structure that is engineered to ideally function through the gastrointestinal tract to increase satiety and reduce hunger.
— Dr. Robert Langer, Institute Professor at MIT and Co-Founder of PureTech Ventures
I am particularly enthusiastic about the product Gelesis is developing. This approach is so unique that it’s not just ‘first-in-class,’ rather represents a whole new class of therapies that has the potential to be a game changer in our arsenal for treating overweight, obese and pre-diabetic patients.
— Dr. Caroline Apovian FACN, Professor of Medicine and Pediatrics (Endocrinology, Diabetes, and Nutrition) at Boston University School of Medicine and Clinical Advisor at Gelesis
Gelesis100 represents an entirely new approach to treating obesity…Gelesis100 has the potential to provide a truly novel alternative for weight loss that does not involve surgery, injections, or systemically absorbed drugs.
— Dr. Arne Astrup, Head of The Department of Human Nutrition, Exercise and Sports at the University of Copenhagen, Denmark and Clinical Advisor at Gelesis
At a time when tremendous unmet needs exist in the treatment of obesity and diabetes, we see [Gelesis] as a critical opportunity to advance a safe and effective treatment with potential to dramatically improve outcomes.
— Dr. John LaMattina, Former President of R&D at Pfizer and Chairman at Gelesis
This new hydrogel [Gelesis] is an innovative way to effectively increase satiation while decreasing food consumption.
— Dr. James Hill, Professor of Medicine & Pediatrics at the University of Colorado, Past President of The Obesity Society (TOS), and Clinical Advisor at Gelesis